Naskam Security Services maintains a Graded A1 alarm monitoring centre that is manned 24 hours, 365 days a year.

We provide monitoring services for Commercial and Domestic security systems, and supported security camera systems direct from our own Monitoring Centre.

Naskam Security Services has made a large investment in constructing our purpose built Monitoring Centre utilising only the best state of the art technology and the most superior physical security measures that comply with Australian Standards AS2201.2. Our monitoring centre is officially certified Grade A1 which is the highest level that can be obtained.

3G Wireless Systems

Naskam does not recommend connecting your alarm system direct to the NBN network, there are a number of issues with this and there is no guarantee that your system will communicate reliably.

To ensure your monitored alarm system continues to operate reliably Naskam Security recommends the installation of a 3G Wireless monitoring solution, this can be connected to most existing alarm systems or a fully 3G capable security system can be installed.

3G Wireless is a complete end-to-end security alarm transmission system that utilises one or more 3G mobile data networks, to provide a secure communication path between the monitored alarm system at your premises and our monitoring centre, Naskam uses a number of the leading security communication providers in Australia to ensure reliability and broad coverage for our clients.

Your monitored alarm system will still be able to communicate during power outages.

3G wireless Eliminates phone call charges that occur each time the alarm systems dials the monitoring centre, one monitoring fee includes both communication charges and monitoring services.

Alarm Visual Verification

Alarm Verification utilising visual techniques has been around for many years but has only become a viable option in recent years due to technology advancements.

The process involved is when an alarm is generated and acknowledged by a person(s) which prompts them to check Video Footage or images (Live and/or Recorded) that is associated with the Alarm to determine the actions required.

This service is preferred over Continuous Live Video Monitoring as it greatly reduces costs and is less labour intensive. It is also usually more effective as it allows more camera’s to be monitored at one time.

It is also the preferred method of alarm monitoring as it reduces false alarms and costly Patrol callouts, if a genuine offence is being observed an operator can inform Police straight away and confirm the legitimacy of the alarm.

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