In a World full of rapidly changing Technology it is very easy to get confused when trying to find the right solution when purchasing a Network Video Recorder. Frame Rates, Field per Second, Hard Drive Space are just a few issues to measure a NVR by. But what about Ease of Use, Recording Quality, and Continuity of Evidence - these are just as important if not the most important features required.

At Naskam, our NVR's and Cameras aren't "What's On Special This Week". Naskam has tried and true machines and cameras that accomplish and perform to the specifications provided whether it be for the budget conscious client or someone who wants the very best - We have the right equipment.

Naskam Security can offer unique Security Camera systems technology in our range of Security Cameras and systems to ensure that we provide you with top of the range quality. We can provide packages to cover Analogue or Hybrid Camera solutions or the latest IP Full HD systems to suit your specific Security needs.

Naskam Security has a team of experienced installers and can supply, install and maintain your security cameras systems and ensure that they are operating effectively and to your satisfaction.


We can provide solutions that provide quality assured security using analytics to identify movement, heat mapping, congestion, number plate recognition plus more and store these details accurately for later viewing.


Our solutions allow the Monitoring and Surveillance of tough environments from both inside and outdoor areas with vandalism resistant security cameras and the best Infra-Red and Low Light technologies available.


We specilise in the Installation of Security Camera Systems to enable Access Control and Alarm Monitoring.

Naskam Security can provide solutions for any small domestic or commercial installation right through to large Enterprise installations and City wide street safe systems.

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