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The Multipath-IP T4000 security communicator is a highly advanced and cost effective field device used to connect any Contact-ID dialer equipped alarm panel to a central monitoring station via multiple highly secure IP paths.



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The T4000 signifies the next evolution in the Multipath-IP solution. Built from the ground up, the T4000 supersedes previous models and delivers unprecedented features never before seen within the security industry. Whilst the T4000 is incredibly sophisticated, its core strength focuses on ease of installation, ease of operation and low-cost security monitoring. The T4000 can even leverage Inner Range’s SkyTunnel cloud based infrastructure for seamless IP connectivity and super-fast alarm reporting.

It features Dual 3G and Ethernet alarm transmission paths allowing simple connection of many brands of alarm panels. The T4000 is capable of providing a communications path for upload/download programming of many popular alarm systems on the market when a PSTN line is not available at the installation site.

The T4000’s small footprint allows it to easily retrofit into existing alarm system cabinets or be housed in its own security cabinet with a backup battery.

  • The Integriti Technology Platform is the result of more than 25 years of continuous industry participation and product development by the people at Inner Range.
  • Just like its famous predecessor, the Concept 4000, Integriti has set new industry standards and has the capacity to offer real solutions in today’s exciting yet demanding technology environment.
  • With fast processors and large memory capacity, Integriti hardware is natively IP and ready to deliver on its promises. Integriti software has been developed from the ground up and features a complete suite of management tools. The software design adheres to current I.T. industry best practices, empowering system administrators to leverage the very latest computer hardware and virtual machine environments.
  • Integriti is an IP connected integrated Access Control and Intruder Detection system. Integriti seamlessly scales from small commercial buildings through to large multi-campus institutions that span the globe.
  • Integriti also features a vast array of powerful interfaces to third party systems. The Integriti application becomes the control centre and hub of all interconnected sub-systems, thereby allowing the user to manage their entire security operation through the one intuitive desktop application.
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